Barcelona Chair Minefield

Posted on 1st February 2018 by Mark

Consider these points before choosing which company to purchase your Barcelona chair from:

Is it a company which only sells the one range?

We have seen these companies enter the market and disappear just as quick. These companies tend to be individuals who are after a quick profit. They claim they offer the best materials and warranties to match. A one or two year warranty is worthless if the company no longer exists!

Have they made up the customer testimonials?

We have been voted "Excellent" by our Trustpilot customers. Read our customer reviews Our testimonials come from real people, they are not made up to trick potential customers.

There are 100's of factories making the Barcelona chair

You are not buying like-for-like! Therefore the price is not the only factor you should consider. We at Iconic Interiors understand every aspect of the Barcelona chair. We simply will not cut corners with our furniture. The following testimonial alone explains why Iconic Interiors Ltd has an excellent reputation with selling the bauhaus classics. This testimonial was supplied by Michel De Coninck who works for the Belgian embassy. He already possesses the Knoll day bed which retails at £4 - 5000. He wanted to purchase a Barcelona chair but didn't have the funds to buy Knoll's. He hesitantly purchased our chair in black full aniline leather. His testimonial pretty much says it all and should put any customer's mind at ease. The testimonial reads: "The quality of your furniture is as good as advertised. In our case, owning the real Knoll stuff and being able to compare it to your production was a test that your company passed with flying colors." In short, our Barcelona chair matches the Knoll version! Or to put it another way, it is a fantastic Barcelona chair, as good as Knoll!

Claiming to sell the best chair at the best price

Such claims are very eye-catching, but do they hold up to scrutiny. The individuals behind these sites will steal photographs from around the internet and make up testimonials. If in doubt contact the company and ask to see the original photographs. All of our photographs are either taken in-house or by a professional photographer. Contact us and we'll happily supply you with more images - we have hundreds!. Also quiz them on how long they have been trading - ask them to prove it. You will find this very revealing. Our searches show that many companies have setup in the last few months or in the last year!

How long have they been trading?

Iconic Interiors Ltd is a registered Ltd company with Companies House and registered with the UK Inland Revenue for Vat. This means we are traceable and here for the long-term! We have a registered office and certain legal duties to perform to Companies House and the Inland Revenue. For example, filing annual accounts, paying Vat quarterly, etc. This means we are transparent. Not being registered is a sign of an overnight company. Avoid these companies! We will be around for many years to come. We have built up a fantastic reputation and have our customers coming back to us again and again to buy our Bauhaus classics.

Still have doubts?

If you still have any doubts having read these points above then please, please, please contact us. Email either myself, Mark or Lizette at We love enthusing about this furniture. We have been on a journey with all of the furniture we sell through Iconic Interiors. We understand this market more than anyone, and we know without any hesitation that you will be astounded by the quality of our chair. In fact, we are so confident you'll be wowed when you unwrap this iconic piece, we will happily refund you in full if you're not happy in any way. Okay, just one more testimonial for good measure from Fiona Farr, it reads: "As someone who knows the original well, I am rather blown away with your exquisite attention to detail".

....and finally

Our Barcelona chairs are built to last way beyond 10 years. Yes, that's 10 years! What's more, as with any good piece of furniture, it'll look better in 10 years time than when it was new. The quality of the build ensures your Barcelona chair gains character the more you use it. This makes our chair much better value than any other chair we have seen in the marketplace. Remember, research the company first. Do not take the risk to save a few pounds!

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