Arne Jacobsen

11th February 1902 - 24th March 1971

Photo of Arne Jacobsen
It is very rare that a designer's creations become classics within their own lifetime, but Arne Jacobsen achieved just that. A Danish architect and designer, Jacobsen was examplar of the "Danish Modern" style.

The swan and egg chair are two such furniture designs to become classics during Jacobsen's lifetime. These two pieces were designed for the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen.

Perhaps his best known design is the model 3107 chair of 1955, known also as the "Number 7 chair". Many people will be familiar with the iconic photograph of Christine Keeler - her nakedness hidden by the back of the chair. Jacobsen experienced a little luck here because the photographer, Lewis Morley, just happened to use a chair he had in his studio. Not surprisingly the iconic photograph helped the "Number 7 chair" become the iconic piece it is today. Not surprisingly the photograph has been imitated many times since the Christine Keeler photograph.

A fastidious perfectionist, Jacobsen stood out in all areas of architecture, interior decoration, furniture, textile and porcelain design. It is difficult to think of a higher designation for an architect than one of his projects, St. Catherine's college, Oxford, being granted a Grade I listing for architecture in England.

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