Interior Designer - Cheshire

Our slogan is “Inspiration for your space” - and until now, we’ve provided this inspiration in the form of an ever-expanding range of iconic furniture that oozes quality.

We’re now taking this a step further, though, with the introduction of our new Interior Design Service, headed up by our in-house interior designer, Lizette Metcalfe.

We believe that this is the interior design service Cheshire has been waiting for, with our high levels of knowledge and expertise coming together to create your perfect home interior, completely tailored to your needs. We specialise in creating interiors that are contemporary, functional and timeless, working to provide spaces that not only fit perfectly with your style, but that will increase in worth over time. As we like to say, our interior design service doesn’t cost - it earns.

Our approach

Our approach is different to that of other interior designers. For us, the key is to involve you at every single stage of the process. We begin by thoroughly evaluating the space, and meet with you to discuss your preferred design ideas. Our detailed schematics and graphics mean that you can fully visualise the space before the renovation work is begun, and we’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure that your home or commercial space is to your exact specification, every step of the way.

It’s our attention to detail that is our success story. While it may seem like we’re asking a lot of questions, it’s all for a good reason. We look to understand your specific needs and style, how the space will be used and the level of traffic (the number of people) in the area. We’re concerned about the environment too, which is why we look at ways to minimise the impact on the planet in every project we take on.

Our services

We not only offer design services for spaces, but for individual elements of a room too. Based on your requirements, we can create designs for anything from lighting to windows to bespoke rugs, and will also design individual pieces of furniture for any room in your home or commercial space.

Our list of services is extensive, and includes:

  1. On-site consultations
  2. Space planning & furniture arrangement
  3. Design concepts
  4. Finishes & furnishings
  5. Custom designs
  6. Purchasing, delivery, & installation
  7. Project coordination & management

By choosing the interior design service from Iconic Interiors, you’ll be harnessing the benefits of our professionalism, experience, expertise and knowledge of market trends to ensure that your perfect space can be achieved at a competitive price and with outstanding levels of service.

For further details of our interior design service and how we can help you please contact us on 01625 476 193 or email: