Why Shop with Us?

We can say this a hundred different ways, and doubtless do in other places on this site, but cutting to the chase we really love furniture. Not just any furniture mind you, what really gets us excited is impeccably designed furniture that oozes high quality (view our quality statement) workmanship and thankfully this is exactly what we are offering for sale on this site.

We know how a Bibendum chair cuddles you as you settle down into it. We have gazed in awe at the simple understated design of the Le Corbusier range. We have admired the fine elegance of the Barcelona chair. In fact we could wax lyrical about every item we sell right here and now but then the type would have to be very small and we think you probably get the message already.

Shopping with Iconic Interiors is shopping with a team of people who are driven by a passion for what we do and what we sell, if it wasn’t right we simply would not supply it. We know that the pieces we offer are in demand but far more importantly we really like them.

We ensure we are ethical in the way we do business and with whom and we ensure that every item we sell is to the same exacting quality as the breathtakingly beautiful piece that preceded it.

We want to exceed your expectations of our product and our service. We want you to be so happy with your experience of dealing with us that you come back time and time again and promote us to all the people that you know. That way we can grow our ranges, introduce new elements to our products and services and get even more excited.

The excitable team at Iconic Interiors bring with us many years of working in the furniture and interior design industry and we are confident that we can offer you a shopping experience that cannot be bettered. Thankfully a sound business approach also means we have kept our overheads to a minimum and can do all this at the right price.

We are only in business because we know that we can do more than the competition can, and you have the last say because if you are in any way less than delighted you can opt to take up our 7-day no quibble returns policy.