Our Quality Statement

Workmanship matters, the best designed furniture executed badly is not worth putting in your home.

We manage our suppliers to ensure that every item is a faithful reproduction of the design, applying only the modifications that the designer themselves made. We also use materials that are correct to the original or where materials have changed due to mass production we ensure that the end result is both beautiful and durable.

We use 304 grade stainless steel for both the visible and invisible structure of our furniture, this is tough stuff and does not fatigue like lower grade does.

Leather is imported ready for use from Italy and is natural grain not artificially embellished top grain ‘veneer’. The treatments and dyes used are all fully conforming with EU and British standards. None of our pieces incorporate imitation leather not even on the undersides of cushions or detailing and zips and fasteners are in the same concealed positions that the designers themselves originally chose. The cushion pads are flame retardant and comply with the relevant EU and British standards.

Before dispatch every item is 100% inspected to ensure that it is ready to go, we scrutinise every piece at every angle just as we hope you will when you receive it.

The product we offer is not competing with the lower priced imitations, we believe that our furniture should be suitable for use and last for years and years. Anyone who has previously bought a cheaper Barcelona chair and then had to ban more robust friends from using it will understand our sourcing decisions, furniture should be used and admired, choosing a lower priced option will often leave you feeling cheated in both these aspects.

If we wouldn’t have it in our home rest assured we won’t send it to yours.