Ethics Policy

In an ideal world we would buy all our products and services from our very own doorstep but at Iconic Interiors we realise that this is not possible if we wish to remain competitive.

To ensure the best value we must source our items from suppliers across the globe. Thanks to our strong purchasing background we know that this brings with it risks and are prepared for them. Quality and ethics are the two areas most easily compromised but can be managed with a little effort, at Iconic Interiors we believe that by adding a lot of effort we have made this one of our strengths against our competitors.

We manage quality and ethics simultaneously by ensuring that we have a very personal relationship with every single supplier, regardless of their location.

Our selection process begins even before we invite a supplier to submit a proposal, thanks to information held in the public domain we can have a good sense of anyone unsuitable even before we move from our desks. After passing that test and a promising quotation we visit the suppliers at their manufacturing site, even if this means enduring a long-haul flight in economy. We audit them for all the business stuff and we see for ourselves the working environments. Most importantly with the information provided and our first hand experiences we are able to determine the working environment is a positive one for those in their employment.

The materials used to make our products are also taken into consideration and we only use those that have a proven and traceable source. The leather is certified and traceable from Italy; this ensures that it is governed by our very own EU standards, this costs us more but we know it is worth it for the reliable compliance and stunning quality (read our quality statement).

The reason we go to all this trouble is because the Iconic Interiors team will not do anything that they do not feel good about. We recognise that we are in the business of selling you products to aid to your relaxation time, we believe knowing that your purchase has contributed to the safe and reasonable employment of those it has met along the way may help you to relax even more.

So sit back… put your feet up… we have already thought of it.