Our Barcelona chair as good as the original - it's official!

Posted on 16th January 2018 by Mark

We receive positive feedback on a weekly basis. Sometimes the feedback is so positive that we reflect on what we have achieved with Iconic Interiors Ltd. Michel De Coninck, Consul of Belgium in Vilnius, Lithuania, knows his furniture. He already possesses an original Knoll Daybed. He hesitantly purchased a Barcelona chair from us and was so delighted with the quality and likeness to the original he couldn't resist putting his thoughts into an email. What follows is an excerpt from his email:

I will place an order for an Eames lounge chair and ottoman today. I will send you the VAT documents as soon as these are undersigned by the local authorities.

Also, I would like to tell you that we are now posted in Vilnius, Lithuania where the Barcelona chairs and coffee table are proudly installed in our living room next to a genuine Knoll Barcelona day bed and Knoll ottoman and it looks amazing.

The quality of your furniture is as good as advertised. In our case, owning the real Knoll stuff and being able to compare it to your production was a test that your company passed with flying colors.

Quite an amazing testimonial I'm sure you'll agree.

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