Wewood Project

Born in 2010

Photo of Wewood Project
Wewood Project was born in 2010, it results from Department of Research and Development of Moveis Carlos Alfredo. This company has a know-how of 47 years on manufacture and export of solid wood furniture.

Wewood is a platform of partnerships with respected designers, architects and young talents. Their collections are based on high-end production of Portugese joinery, developed by national craftsmen and the most sophisticated technology in wood production.

It aims to bring to the global market a new product with a better quality/price relation, never bleaching of the smallest detail. The wood is from sustainable forest cultivation FSC, 95% of this wood is coming from French oak, being the remainder of European origin. It's therefore a 100% European product.

The Wewood presents its furniture on several signed and numbered collections, ensuring that each piece is unique. Design, sophistication, tradition and ecology are its values. All pieces are unique and of great environmental concern during its production.

Cross-cultural and multipurpose, these beautiful pieces are based on simplicity, respecting the purity of its lines.

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