Mark Holdsworth

Born 1st June 1970

Photo of Mark Holdsworth
As a lover of creative, classic furniture, Holdsworth has brought together some of the world’s best-loved designer furniture under the Iconic Interiors umbrella.

Hailing from Hull, a city famed for its artistic heritage, Holdsworth has been interested in design from a young age. His love of photography, graphic design, architecture, website design and (of course) furniture design led him to study varied artistic disciplines at university, where he became increasingly interested in mid-century modern design.

Following academic study, Holdsworth’s eye for aesthetics soon won him work as a web designer, where he created the front-end of company websites.

In 2003, Holdsworth set up Iconic Interiors to further explore his love of classic furniture. His passion for mid-century modern architecture and design led him to choose Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair as a signature piece for Iconic’s first collection. He also recreated pieces by Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier and a host of other celebrated furniture designers known for timeless creations.

Iconic Interiors quickly became a successful enterprise, and Holdsworth sourced more designs. He paid attention to every aspect of the recreation process, from drawing board to upholstery and wood-turning, ensuring the most authentic, high-quality reproductions.

After nearly a decade working intimately with furniture creation, Holdsworth became increasingly involved in the design process. A trip to Italy inspired him to create his own version of the beautiful Italian corner sofas that are popular in this part of Europe.

With the help of the same craftsmen that brought to life many of Iconic’s classic designs, Holdsworth has created a three-seater corner sofa that brings Italian beauty to British shores.

Provisionally titled ‘the Siena’, after the Italian city where the original design was dreamed up, the new three-seater corner sofa is now available.

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