Bonaldo Furniture

1936 - Present Day

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A truly iconic brand, Bonaldo are known as one of the most innovative and modern furniture producers in Italy, despite a history that spans nearly 80 years.

The company began with Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo who, in 1936, started out as an artisan processor of metals used by others within the furniture industry. Around 20 years later, his son Albino joined the trade, creating beds, bedsteads and mattresses by hand.

Today, however, Bonaldo is a company that aims to bring emotion and soul to every item of furniture that they produce. For them, it is not purely about function and comfort: they want their designs to invoke emotion and excitement in all that see them.

In order to do this, three things are needed: quality workmanship, the right materials, and well thought out design. The workmanship cannot be questioned: painstaking attention to detail comes from a great deal of investment in research, processes and technologies - as well as in its staff.

The range of materials used by Bonaldo are certainly diverse, with the company combining various metals and woods with glass, polypropylene, polyurethane and more to create pieces that are not just strong and functional, but are unique in style.

Bonaldo's collaborations with a range of designers give them inspiration from a range of creative brains and countries, with designers such as Karim Rashid, Mauro Lipparini and Bartoli Design - along with young designers such as Alain Gilles - leading them to win a number of awards over the years.

Since their first appearance at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 1971, the Bonaldo brand has grown from strength to strength. In 1980, the company unveiled a sofa bed that was designed as a standalone piece of furniture rather than an emergency transformable piece, and then the awards commenced. 1996 saw the Young & Design Award being presented to Bonaldo for their Più folding chair, while Glenn Thomas' Pierrot Sofa won the Good Design Award in 2004. Since then, the awards have continued to roll in, with individual pieces such as tables Big Table, Still and Welded and the Poly chair, among others, becoming recognised as iconic Bonaldo designs.

Bonaldo is a manufacturer that continues to innovate, retaining them their place at the forefront of Italian design. Their range of chairs, tables, beds, sofas, sofa beds and accessories are designed to inspire and excite: elegant and creative pieces that have a massive visual impact.

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