PK22 Chair in distressed antique leather

Posted on 4th June 2013 by Mark

From time to time I like to do something different with the iconic furniture pieces. Last year I upholstered the Eames Lounger in a jumbo corduroy having seen Hugh Laurie sat in such a chair in his appartment in an episode of House.

Earlier this year I picked up where I had left off with the Bamberg Barcelona chair experiment. Here I was keen to capture the look of the very early Barcelona chairs. I particularly liked the rough edge the early chairs possessed. To me this added to the chair's character. I particular like strapping the frame with thick 4mm leather sourced from a local saddlery company. Such straps will last a life time.

February 2014 Update: Read the latest on our in-house PK22 chair project.

Pk22 mottled brown

Back to the PK22 chair. Our factory told me they need a very thick leather for the PK 22. I rang a number of leather suppliers and had a number of leather samples posted out to me. I was particularly looking for a thick brown leather with an aged appearance. The leather I have settled on for this experiment is an aniline leather. The sample I have in the office is quite dark. When it is stretched it lightens to reveal a lovely texture and a richness of colour. Just the look I was persuing.

Pk22 distressed brown

The leather hide has been ordered and will be shipped to our factory this week. The chair will be built during June and we hope to have the finished article in our offices July/August.

We'll look over the chair and if we are happy with it, as with the Bamberg Barcelona chair, we'll add the new PK22 finish to the Iconic's range.

At this stage we anticipate the chair to retail for £804. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email or by telephone on 01625 476 193.

October 2013 update: The PK22 chair upholstered in the antique and distressed leather is now available. Photographs and a video can be viewed on the PK22 chair product page and the October 2013 furniture blog post.

February 2014 PK22 Chair Update: Read the latest on our in-house PK22 chair project.