LC1 Sling Chair by Le Corbusier

Posted on 14th May 2013 by Mark

I think the most appealing finish for the LC1 sling chair is the brown, white and black cow hide. I have taken the chair out of its box and placed it in the office. Below you can see a couple of photographs I have taken on my iPhone.

The quality of the furniture from the Italian factory is fantastic. These reproductions represent our thinking here at Iconic Interiors and that is there is no reason a reproduction should be a lower quality than the licensed pieces. The finish on the frame and leather is very impressive.

Lc1 sling chair corbusier
Sling chair lc1 corbusier

The stunning LC1 Sling Chair from Le Corbusier will retail for £519 in the pony skin, less if in full aniline leather. As mentioned these chairs are ordered in from our factory in Italy. Typical lead time is 2 - 3 weeks. Any questions please do not hesitate contacting us on 01625 476 193 or email