Iconic Interiors is alive and kicking

Posted on 2nd February 2018 by Mark

The rumours of our death have been grossly exaggerated. Having spent a substantial amount of money on legal advice it appears the new copyright laws are vague and very unlikely to be enforced. Or to put it another way, they cannot be enforced until specific furniture designs have been given the status of "Artistic Craftmenship" deemed by a court of law.

To date, there is still no legal definition of "Artistic Craftsmanship" so we are now waiting for the first legal action in a UK court which would lead to establishing future precedents. Until there are precedents in place for each furniture design the 25 year copyright rule applies. Also, such court cases could take at least two years. So the good news is it's business as usual.

We have many exciting plans for 2018. Iconic Interiors is an excellent platform promoting high quality furniture designs. We plan to expand our range with more current European furniture designs. We visited the Milan Furniture Show last year and plan to be there again in March (2018). The Milan Show demonstrates the vast array of great furniture design. We'll be adding new designs each month and will keep you informed through our regular newsletter. Look out for new categories such as outdoor furniture, storage and lighting. Exciting times ahead.