Eames Lounge Chair

Posted on 7th June 2013 by Mark

For the past five years we have been supplying the Eames Lounge chair from China. I was very happy with the chair having researched it thoroughly. I have lost count of how many factories I have visited over the years. It must be running into the hundreds. Every piece of furniture goes through the same process. Every piece of designer furniture we sell is simply the best piece I have found.

Even though the Chinese chair was far superior to others I had seen there were still aspects of their build which troubled me. I was never 100% happy with the finish of the veneer. On close inspection the veneer would have sloppy marks or vanish stains. The feet of the Chinese version could have been much better. I couldn't understand why the factory, which had produced such a lovely chair, not finish every part to the same level. Believe me I tried explaining this time and time again to the factory but to no avail.

Over the past 8 years of running Iconic Interiors the prices in China have only gone in one direction. Especially of late I have found the prices rising every couple of months. By chance I was talking with our Italian factory we use from time to time. The conversation resulted in their latest price list dropping into my inbox. I noticed the price gap for the Eames Lounger had reduced drastically between China and Italy.

Eames lounger 02

I mulled this over for a few days and then decided to have a Lounge chair sent over from Italy. I chose the classic rosewood veneer and black full aniline Italian leather.

Eames lounger 03

Two weeks later the chair arrived. It was beautifully packaged. The box was emblazoned with the words, "Made in Italy." Isn't it strange how this seems to make so much difference. We slowly lifted the Eames Lounge chair out of its box. On hands and knees we slowly unravelled the intricate packaging. The anticipation was quite unbearable in truth. My expectations were not particularly high because I was assuming the chair would be of a similar construction to the Chinese lounge chair we had sold successfully for the past 5 years.

Eames lounger 05

I had Nick from 246photography standing by. I have used Nick from day one of starting the company. He loves the furniture almost as much as I do! He had set up a corner in the warehouse to photograph the Italian Lounger.

Eames lounger 07

We unveiled the chair and I must say I was instantly taken by the finish. My eyes were immediately drawn to the top edge of the veneer. The edge was clean and finished off to near perfection. For so long I have been used to seeing a not so finished edge to the veneer. The difference was stark. I moved on to the veneer as a whole and I liked what I saw. I liked it a lot. The metal supports on the back were also very clean. Again, the finishing was the best I have seen. Bordering on perfection. I inspected the base and it was very refreshing to see how well finished it was. Nick's photograph below showing the base shows the impeccable finishing.

Eames lounger 06

The biggest test of all is obviously the sitting experience. I lowered myself into the chair. Wow. The chair feels wonderful. Thankfully the chair's back has some springiness which adds much to the experience and comfort. What stands out for me is the sturdiness. The chair feels solidly built. Much more than the Chinese chair. This was very reassuring and goes some way in justifying the extra cost. This solidness convinces me the build is superior and the customer is getting more for their money.

Eames lounger 08

I have interlaced this page with Nick's shots from the day. I've also included the youtube piece I filmed which discusses the differences between the two chairs. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting me. I love talking about Iconic's furniture range and especially the Eames Lounge chair - followed closely by the Barcelona chair. Email me on mark@iconicinteriors.com or call me on 01625 476 193. Look forward to hearing from you.

Eames lounger 09
Eames lounger 01

As well as the beautiful Eames Lounge Chair, we stock a wide range of designer chairs, feel free to browse our furniture store or contact us if you have any questions about our any of the furniture in our range.