15% or 20% Discount - You decide....

Posted on 1st June 2019 by Mark

If you are signed up to our newsletter you are automatically entitled to a 15% discount. To claim this discount simply email your order through to mark@iconicinteriors.com

We have many of your favourite pieces in stock ready for next day delivery. Popular in-stock furniture pieces include: Barcelona chairs, Eames Loungers, PK22 chairs, Shell chairs, ea217 chairs and many more....

Introducing the "Patience Option"

The Patience Option is a new scheme which offers the customer a HEFTY 20% discount*. This discount is available to customers who are happy to patiently wait 18 - 22 weeks. Behind the scenes we would be filling up containers with customer orders. Because there are no warehousing costs (because the furniture is immediately dispatched to customers) the savings are passed onto the customer.

To claim the Patience Option discount simply email mark@iconicinteriors.com stating which pieces are of interest.

* Items from our Italy supplier are not included in the Patience Option

A sneak preview of our new Cheshire showroom

Our new showroom is taking shape. Below is a quick video I've uploaded. Enjoy. Any questions email me at: mark@iconicinteriors.com

Mark compares his 17 year old Vitra Lounger to his 7 year old Iconic Interiors Lounger

I'm asked the question many times, "how does the Iconic Interiors Eames Lounger compare to the licensed version?" In this video I talk about my 17 year old Vitra chair compared to my favourite 7 year old Iconic Interiors lounger. Enjoy.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate emailing me at: mark@iconicinteriors.com