Latest Discounted Furniture List

Posted on 24th May 2014 by Mark

On the 5th December our Hull warehouse was flooded due to the tidal swell in the North Sea. Our warehouse was stood in 2ft of water for 12 hours! Not ideal for furniture! As a result much of our stock was damaged. Much of it was beyond saving and met an untimely end via a locally supplied skip! We now have a number of pieces which have one way or another been effected by the flood. To move this stock we have discounted it substantially and added it to our popular discounted list pdf.

You'll also notice there are a number of pieces which are discounted due to relocating warehouse. By the end of 2014 we hope to be in a position to relocate to Cheshire. We plan to combine warehousing with a new showroom. We experimented with a showroom in Knutsford last year and this proved very popular. Due to the relocation we need to reduce our stock greatly. We do not want to be moving stock from our Hull warehouse to our new Cheshire warehouse!

If you are feeling cheeky then make us an offer on any furniture pieces you would like - we can only say no!

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