Introducing the Noguchi Dining Table

Posted on 20th April 2011 by Mark

I've just photographed our new offering, the elegant Noguchi dining table from designer Isamu Noguchi. I have been meaning to add this particular table for some time now and not just because we do not offer enough dining tables.

This dining table is a stunning iconic design and very practical. The table shown in these accompanying photographs has a black table top. We will also be offering a white table top. The size is 110cm diameter - ample size to accomodate four diners. I will have to ask the question but I'm confident our factory can also offer the table in a larger size. Please contact us if you would like the table in a larger size.

Dining noguchi table

When setting up these photographs I noticed how the central part of the Noguchi dining table, made up of chromed wire rods, worked incredibly well with the Eames DAW dining chair base. Almost as if they were designed for each other!

Dining table noguchi
Noguchi dining table
Noguchi dining table black