Introducing the Le Petit Confort chair with feather filled cushions

Posted on 21st January 2015 by Mark

The LC2 Soft is the more compact sibling of the LC3 Grand Soft. Both chairs have feather filled cushions and a coloured frame of your choice. The LC2 Soft is the ultimate bespoke piece. Manufactured in Italy the chair can be yours within 2 - 4 weeks. The piece currently in our showroom is in the photographs below. The chair has a high quality yellow cashmere fabric with a glossy pink frame - it looks stunning.

Feather lc2 chair
Feather lc2 chair02
Feather petit confort chair
Feather petit confort chair01
Feather corbusier chair
Corbusier chair feather cushion
Yellow corbusier chair
Corbusier feather chair

Any questions regarding the LC2 Soft chair please contact us on 01625 476 193 or email us at