Care of your leather furniture

Posted on 7th January 2009 by Mark

The natural characteristics of leather

Leather is a natural product. It breathes, is warm and has individual characteristics that are part of its natural charm. However, it does also display traces of its past that are inherent to the natural hide from which it has been produced. These marks in no way detract from the wearing qualities of the leather. They are the signs that discerning owners cherish when buying leather. With the passing of time and use it develops its own sheen with age, which enhances its beauty and is the sign by which nature authenticates her own handiwork.

General care instructions

Out of sight, out of mind – whilst busily dusting your TV and dining and coffee tables, you may forget that just as much dust has settled on your upholstery. A great deal of care and expertise has gone into the manufacture of your upholstery and, thanks to television, it probably gets four or five times more use than ever before. The following tips will help prolong the life of your furniture.


On a weekly basis we recommend a regular dressing practice of ‘plumping up’ your foam filled cushions in order to prolong their life.

Overall cleaning

Dust weekly with a clean, soft cloth. Clean quarterly by wiping over with a luke warm, mild solution of a pure soaping agent, such as Lux flakes or Dreft using a damp cloth. Important - do not over wet the cloth. Failure to carry out simple cleaning on a regular basis could discolour your leather permanently.

A colour-free leather cream may be used to give your furniture extra lustre but never clean your furniture using detergents, solvent, varnishes, white spirit or stain removers as they can seriously damage the leather beyond repair. In the event of accidents or severe soiling consult the expert advice of a specialist.

Prolonged sunlight and light

Your upholstery should not be exposed for long periods of time to direct sunlight as this may result in the colour fading, protect it by drawing your blinds. Avoid leaving your furniture too close to open fires or radiators. Failure to do so could result in fading or drying out and cracking the leather.

Useful tips

Your furniture is designed to sit on in comfort, so use it correctly for that purpose. Sitting on the edges of cushions or on the arms may cause distortion or permanent damage or wear. Sharp objects such as toys, jewellery, buckles and heels can cause permanent and unsightly damage to leather as can domestic animals that may claw or chew the upholstery. Children using furniture for gymnastic practice is also to be actively discouraged!

Whilst leather will provide many trouble free years of comfort, as with all natural products, a little extra care will help maintain its natural good looks.

Nothing lasts forever and even your furniture will wear out in time! However we hope that you find the above information helpful and if you follow the advice that we have given your furniture should be of continued pride and satisfaction to you for years to come.